What’s new in 2018

March 20, 2018

New: Street Food in Verona

Calling all foodies! Discover charming Verona through its culinary specialties. This fun and engaging walk includes the best of our street food and specialty food shops. We will eat our way through the main squares enjoying many delicious food and wine tastings. The tastings will vary depending on the season, but typically include local pasta, cheeses, prosciutto, olive oil, pastries, gelato, coffee and a glass of wine...
March 19, 2018

New: Verona for Families

A discovery walk that the whole family will love. We will use monuments and visual clues around the city to look the past and present of Verona. What made Verona famous centuries ago and did Romeo and Juliet really exist? We put Verona in the spotlight as we explore the city including a funicual ride up to Castel San Pietro and wrapping up with a gelato!...
March 18, 2018

New: Spritz Culture in Verona

A fun introduction to the essential Aperitivo of the Veneto. This small-group tour allows you to discover the history behind the Spritz and its role in modern day Italy while meeting up with other visitors. Your guide, an engaging local food and wine expert, will also give you great recommendations on the city’s bar and restaurant scene...