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Do you share our passion for Italian wine, food and culture? Escape with us on a special wine day.
Reach out and touch history on a fascinating city walk. Join us in the kitchen to create a traditional recipe.
Create memories to last a lifetime. We provide outstanding private tours and activities in the cities of Verona,
Venice and Padova together with the top wine producing areas and countryside of the Veneto.
You're in expert hands. Our wine excursions are led by accredited Italian sommeliers.
Our food visits and cooking lessons are led by master cheese tasters and local chefs.
Our city walks are led by knowledgeable and friendly local guides
We take pride in what we do. Every tour. Every time.

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Full-day wine tours from vineyard to tasting room. Ideal for wine lovers of all levels.

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Discover the most beautiful cities of the Veneto including Verona, Venice and Padova.

Multi-day tours from two to seven days in length, perfect for wine and food enthusiasts.

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“Fabulous day visiting Verona & Valpolicella”
tripadvisor | Venice Day Trips
Rewieved March 12, 2018

We only had a few days to spend in Verona and wanted to make the most of our time there. This tour was perfect for to see the city itself and also visit an Amarone winery. Both guides were wonderful. Davide for our Verona city walking tour and Mario who took us to the Valpolicella wine area...

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“Tour of Verona and Amarone Wine Country”
tripadvisor | Venice Day Trips
Rewieved September 9, 2017

We had a super day in Verona and nearby Valpolicella eine area. Our tour for the 4 of us started with a city walking tour. Our guide, Davide, was top notch. He even managed to keep our teens interested. We especially liked the Roman Theatre and views from there...

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“Excellent Walking Tour of Verona!”
tripadvisor | Venice Day Trips
Rewieved August 25, 2017

Verona is a wonderful city and our guide made it even more so. This is one of the best walking tours we have ever done - it really gave us a great intro to the city. We feel like we saw not only all of the highlights but also some charming areas far from the crowds. We found Verona Day Trips through their sister site, Venice Day Trips. Would suggest this tour for fellow lovers of Italian history and architecture!

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